Vision - Mission


Our Vision is,

  • to produce packages sensitive to environment and human health,
  • to maintain a maximum, measurable and sustainable quality,
  • to create a variety of products suitable for customer demands by its R&D activities,
  • to show an approach to customer expectations by the precision and rigor of sales engineering,
  • to create competitive conditions for the company and its clients, and
  • to develop itself continuously by aiming at generating a minimum cost policy.
  • to produce packages sensitive to environment and human health,


Our mission is to fully-comply with our company policies with our dynamic and experienced employees who want to increase the brand value of the company and its share in the industry.


Aykutsan Inc. imported a Peters brand slotter from Germany and put it into use in 2001. The garment production has also been strengthened by the high-level machinery such as Bobst and Martin increasing the annual capacity to 18,000 tons.We contribute to our customers’

  • Profitability by offering competitive prices
  • High productivity
  • Engineering for packaging
  • And cost-cutting projects.

Our factory is established in Aydın Organized Industrial Zone and we reach to our clients with our offices located in Aydın, Konya and Izmir.We carry our prestige in the sector with the understanding of competitive service quality by revealing and meeting the expectations of our customers.

Working Area

Our currently operating factory has already been established on a 15,000 m² land in which an area of 12,500 m² is used as indoor space.

In addition, while we work hard with our experienced staff to serve our clients such as Coca-Cola, Seramiksan, Konya Şeker, Graniser and Uşak Seramik, we also export pizza boxes intensively to the UK and many of the other EU countries.

The productivity of the packaging lines of our clients is increased by

  • Continuous and non-stop service
  • On-time delivery, and
  • Continuous enhancements in quality.

Customer Relations

One of the main objectives of Aykutsan Inc. is the satisfaction of customers. Defining and satisfying customer demands are of vital importance in our country where there is excessive competition.

  • Continuous and non-stop service,
  • On-time deliverance and enhancements in quality,
  • Savings in the logistics, and
Productivity of production lines are maximized.

We help our customers to increase their competitiveness and sales capacity by

  • Reviewing packaging needs of our customers,
  • Designing functional boxes,
  • Defining their supply-chain demands, and
  • Examining their market requirements

Also, we help our customers to create value-added by offering

  • Competitive prices,
  • High productivity,
  • Engineering for packaging, and
  • Cost-cutting projects by joint actions.

In the process of collaboration with our customers, our primary goals are providing

  • Enhancements in the quality and performance of the products in use,
  • Decreases in the current loss of product and product packaging,
  • Opportunities to our clients as being the pioneer company implementing innovations within their sectors, and
  • Reductions in the projects and costs of storage.